Des Moines, Iowa–From celebrity tabloid rags to the news section of the Wall Street Journal, a recent 2016 political viral video is making millions across the globe break down and laugh.

Written, recorded, produced and edited with a shoestring budget by Jack Sisson, a senior communications advisor for Gov. Mike Huckabee, the political parody injected lighthearted fun into a nasty season of attacks.

Washington Post: “Huckabee’s Adele parody campaign video: Like ‘Hello,’ with more pork chop”…While Hillary is trying to “dab” her way into the White House, Mike Huckabee is embracing his inner pop diva….

NY Daily News: “Mike Huckabee’s campaign releases hilarious Adele parody” “That’s one Huck of a parody. After a Tennessee teacher, a teenager and a reggae singer put out [Adele] parodies… Mike Huckabee has jumped on board, too. Released just days before the Feb. 1 Iowa caucus, each verse is addressed to a different city in the Hawkeye State. “Your Woodbury county supper club has quite a cute baby. Try the pork chops, baked beans. Just as good as Pizza Ranch and Le Mars ice cream.” Released just days before the Feb. 1 Iowa caucus, each verse is addressed to a different city in the Hawkeye State. The chorus is a soaring, “Hello from the caucus night. If Bernie wins I’m gonna die. This crazy circus it’s gone cuckoo-ca-choo. And Huckabee’s the guy who’s long overdue.”

Wall Street Journal: “Channeling Adele, Huckabee Says to Iowa: ‘Hello, Sioux City’”…Mike Huckabee is trying one more time to say hello to Iowa voters. The former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate released a video parodying pop singer Adele’s music video on Wednesday. Similar to Adele’s, Mr. Huckabee’s features close-ups of him agonizing on the phone. Not similar: this time, the song is about the cold, hard world of the Iowa campaign trail…. He also ribs his rival Ted Cruz via text message for being from Canada and says if Sen. Bernie Sanders wins, he’ll “just die.”

Perez Hilton: “When all else fails, count on Adele! …Huckabee has just released one of the most insane, ridiculous, terrible, and unbelievable parodies of Hello you will EVER see! Sure we got Wiz Khalifa’s weed-themed freestyle cover of the Grammy winner’s hit, but Huckabee’s version shows him trekking across the country and claims the candidate is just as good as Pizza Ranch.”

CNN: “Adele’s ‘Hello’ is getting the presidential candidate treatment, Huckabee style” …The tune — “Hello, HUCK” — is directed at Iowa caucus-goers, but takes lyrical jabs at Democratic contenders…The singer emotes about getting “frostbite” and “gangrene” and enduring “sub-zero chills” while campaigning in the first caucus state during winter…